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Julia Parker R.N. BSN
WHS Campus
972-923-4600   Ext. 522/523

Health Services

Immunization Requirements
It is state law that all students have the following immunizations on file in the school that they attend.

  • DPT/DT/TD - At least four doses required, one dose after 4th birthday, then one dose every ten years.
  • OPV - At least three doses, one dose required after 4th birthday.
  • MEASLES - One dose after 1st birthday, 2nd dose by 12th birthday, students whose birthday is on or after Sept. 2, 1991 must have two doses of measles vaccine.
  • MUMPS - One dose after 1st birthday.
  • RUBELLA - One dose after 1st birthday.
  • HEPATITIS B - Students born on or after Sept. 2, 1992 must have three doses of Hepatitis B vaccine.
  • VARIVAX (Chickenpox) - Must have date given when student had the chickenpox or proof of 2 doses of the vaccine.
Medication Procedures
All medications brought to school must be in the original container with a signed parental permission note. Any prescription medication must have the prescription label on it showing the child's name, medication name, dosage, and instructions for proper use of the medication.
Asthma Inhalers
Option #1- The student comes to the school clinic where the inhaler is kept and uses it under supervision. The advantage is that the medication will be used correctly, in the proper amount and records will be kept. Many students keep inhalers in the nurse's office and come before PE, recess or as needed.

Option #2- Qualified students will be allowed to carry their inhalers. This makes the inhaler immediately accessible. A spare inhaler should be kept in the nurse's office in case the student runs out or forgets their inhaler. For students to carry inhalers the following criteria must be met:

  • Student has demonstrated to the nurse correct use of inhaler.
  • Student agrees to never share the inhaler with another person.
  • Student agrees to use the inhaler only in the proper manner.
  • Student agrees that after two puffs, if there is not marked improvement, he/she will go to see the nurse immediately.

Any misuse of the medication will cause the student's medication to be the nurse's office only. Parents are ultimately responsible for any injury or damage done while their student is carrying their inhaler.

Option #3 - Teachers or other WISD employees may carry the inhaler with them on field trips, athletic events , or other times when the student will be off campus. The school nurse should be notified if the student had to use the inhaler while away from the school.
Lice Infestation
All campuses in the WISD have adopted a no-nit policy. Nits are egg sacs that are firmly attached to the hair shaft. Nits have to be combed out of the hair.

  • Students will be sent home from school when live lice or nits are found by the nursing staff.
  • School nurses will check the hair the following day. If there are nits present, the child will be sent home again.
  • Work should be sent home with the student and the student should be counted present for up to three days.
  • On the fourth day, the attendance officer and the Child Protective Services will be notified.
  • Instructions will be sent home with parents concerning proper treatment to be given and an explanation of the local Infestation Regulation.
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