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2017-2018 Scholarships
All Scholarship applications are available online. Students must download information about individual scholarships.

Once you have printed the scholarship application please check for the deadline date and where to turn in or mail the completed application.

Due to confidential information, all completed applications MUST BE sealed in an envelope with student name and the name of the scholarship on the outside. Students: It is your responsibility to supply the envelope.

All deadline dates must be met as stated on the application forms. There will be no exceptions.

Many scholarships are going to an online process. If you have a problem accessing the links to any of the above scholarships, please contact the webmaster so that we may correct the problem.

Scholarships 2017-2018

Name Deadline  Eligibility
Burger King Scholarship  12/15/17 
U.S. Senior; GPA 2.5 or higher 

Zeqr Scholarship  12/15/17  Elig: H.S. Senior or enrolled in college/university. 

Rubincam Youth Award  12/15/17  Elig: Student in grades 10-12 (age 16-18)
North American Van Lines 2017 Logistics Scholarship  12/15/17  Elig: U.S. Citizen or permanent resident; enrolled/enrolling in accredited college/university for a degree in logistics or related degree
Dr. Juan Andrade Scholarship  12/29/17  Elig: Enrolled or accepted to 2 or 4-year institution; verifiable need for financial support; at least 1 parent of Hispanic ancestry; DACA or Undocumented students are eligible
Rebekah Assembly of Texas (see or email Mrs. Cox for address to request application) 12/31/17   Elig: Texas resident to attend any two or four year college

Picture Keeper Scholarship  12/31/17  Elig: Senior; Legal U.S. Resident 

The Discover Student Loans Scholarship Award Sweepstakes  12/31/17  Elig: U.S. resident seniors enrolling in college 

Rove Pest Control Scholarship  12/31/17  Elig: High school senior in U.S.; Accepted to college; 3.0 GPA; Special consideration for those pursuing entomology or related fields; 
Crazy Games $1500 Worldwide Scholarship  12/31/17  Elig: Must be going to one of their partner schools.
Illustrators and Writers of the Future  12/31/17  Elig: All nations;

CrossLites Scholarship  12/31/17  Elig: High School, College, or Graduate Student.
Youth Forward Scholarship  12/31/17  Elig: High School, University or College.
UT Dallas McDermott Scholar (Full Tuition & Fees +) 1/03/18 Elig: First-time college freshman; SAT 1490+ or ACT 33+ or PSAT 1470+; Must apply to UT Dallas before January 3, 2018. 

Profile in Courage Scholarship  1/04/18  Elig: U.S. High School student (9-12)
Ron Brown Scholarship  1/09/18  Elig: Must be black/African American; U.S. citizen or hold resident visa card; high school senior; demonstrate financial need; exceptional leadership; excel academically; participate in community service.
Weldon Hall Jr. Scholarship  1/15/18  Elig: Entering Freshman at Sam Houston State University; Majoring in Art 

Washington Crossing Foundation Scholarship  1/15/18  Elig: U.S. Citizen; High School Senior; Planning a career of service to the United States in local, state, or federal government.
Feldco Windows, Siding & Doors Scholarship  1/15/18  Elig: High School Senior to enroll in college 2017 or 2018; Legal U.S. resident.
Texas Engineering Foundation Scholarship  1/19/18  Elig: US Citizen, Senior; 3.0 GPA or higher; entering college fall of 2018; Scores of at least 620 math & 580 reading/writing on SAT or 29 on math & 25 English on ACT; Enroll in accredited ABET engineering program in Fall 2018. Search ABET accredited schools here. Chapter Scholarship Coordinator for WISD is The Dallas Chapter at this link.
Texas Student Housing Scholarship  1/30/18  Elig: Open to students accepted to colleges in Austin, College Station and Denton (if campuses allow off-campus housing)
Technology Addiction Awareness Scholarship  1/30/18  Elig: High school or College student; U.S. Citizen or Legal resident.
Baylor University Carr P. Collins Scholar Program  1/31/18  Elig: Top 25%; admitted to Baylor; min. 1310 SAT/28 ACT; Texas Resident 

Meinders Business Leadership Fellows Program
H.S. Seniors who plan to enroll 
as a Business Major at Oklahoma 
City University; GPA 3.5 or higher;
ACT 28 or higher 

AMS Minority Scholarship  2/2/18  Elig: U.S. Citizen or hold permanent resident status; Minority student entering freshman year of college in the fall; plan to pursue careers in atmospheric or related oceanic and hydrologic sciences.
A Sustainable Future Through Solar Energy Scholarship  2/15/18  High school senior or college student with at least one parent or grandparent who is an immigrant to the U.S. 

Texas Farm Bureau Scholarships
(3 different scholarships) 
3/1/18  Requirements: click here
UT Tyler Greater Texas Foundation (GTF) Scholarship  3/29/18  Elig: 2018 Graduate of a Texas ECHS; Texas Resident; minimum of 50 college hours; Admitted to UT Tyler for Fall 2018; Intend to earn a baccalaureate degree from UT Tyler; College GPA of 2.5 or higher; Apply for FAFSA by 3/15/18.
TTA Foundation Scholarship  3/30/18  Elig: U.S. Citizen; Texas high school senior; GPA of 3.0 or higher (out of a possible 4.0); Student planning to attend a Texas college or university by the Fall of 2018 

ACF Visionary Scholarship  5/1/18  Elig: U.S. Citizen; grades 9-12 

B. Davis Scholarship  5/22/18  Elig: High School Juniors and Seniors or post-secondary institution 

BigSun Scholarship  6/19/18  Elig: High school senior; involved in some sport in school or community (player, coach, official) $2400 Scholarship  8/31/18   
AES Engineering Scholarship  10/6/18  Elig: High School Seniors, Post-Secondary students (Engineering major not required). 

Drive Smart Digital Short Contest  12/18/18  Elig: U.S. Legal Resident; 13-18 years old.
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